Arcitell LLC - Qora Cladding

The timeless quality of stacked stone installed with general carpentry tools

Qora Cladding is a lightweight, easy-to-install, panelized cladding system that achieves the look and feel of genuine stone, without the time and expense often associated with masonry. In fact, it can be installed quickly with basic carpentry tools. It's your immediate cladding solution to achieve an indistinguishable, stacked stone aesthetic that is ideal for exterior accents, knee wall and wainscoting applications. Qora’s patented materials and unique designs create a lightweight and durable product. Most Qora Cladding panels weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds per square foot which is a fraction of weight of comparable traditional materials. The eight distinctive colors of Qora Cladding come with a 20-year warranty.